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Saturday, August 30, 2008

told you…

so this took forever and its not even done all the way (well at least to the end of the first line like i wanted it to be) but it was fun at the same time :D i’ve just been too busy (or lazy) to go ‘ok lets animate 8D’ not so much…. ¬.¬ like i said it was fun… but his face i kept messing up so i said screw it! …but animating is fun…maybe i’ll do some of the guys in BM (Berlyn Motel) style 8P

ps: the odd picture i posted a while back of his face and all squiggly, you know ja thats all the slides put together if anyone was wondering and now cant figure that out


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Saturday, August 23, 2008


So…. During the first American TV appearance of Tokio Hotel, Damien the host was interviewing the boys. During the second part of the interview, Damien called them ‘Tokio’. Not ‘Tokio Hotel’ not just simply ‘guys’… no….he called them ‘Tokio’…. WTF!??!!? Damien didnt seemed too enthused AT ALL to be there. not animated, not paying attention, nothing, just a “I’m here to pick up my pay check” mentality. COME ON! i’ve watched this show and been in the audience TWICE and hes the least animated host on the show. i could do his job in my sleep. “no you cant theres so much work that goes into it” no theres not you stand there read your cards and BE SOCIAL T ¬_¬ not burry your face in your mic and cards. Damien, honey, i know you’ve been there a long time but have a lil more love for what you do….and if you already do you do a sucky job at showing it XD

i may be ranting but he doesnt seem like that much on an interesting host, i could run circles ’round him with how animated and social and happy i am lol

oh well… so this is what id picture the guys thinking after he said that (obviously… no its an elephant on a rubber ball choking on a peanut XD )

Love on it…

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

red tWins

haaaaa this was f-u-n fun they’re on 2 separate 18′x24′ inch canvases i just felt like combining them for this :P I’m thinking of doing commissions… maybe…. depends on how many people would be interested….. love on it :D

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Friday, August 1, 2008


THEY’RE BACK FOR ANOTHER ROUND! and im going. I’m going to be on TRL AND going to their concert in NJ GO ME! ThERES SOmETHING WrONG WItH mE :D so i thought of this to post something haha love on it (comment PLEASE! i want to see what people think or see people actually care when they stumble upon this site so COMMENT! COMMENT LIKE THE WIND!!!)

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