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Friday, July 25, 2008


so…this took….4? days..i think…anywho, im taking this up to NY/NJ (yes im going AGAIN) im going up for a week and i’ll be at the NJ concert on the 7th (lemmie know if anyone else is going :D) but ja my THIRD TRIP THIS YEAR …im either dedicated…or i have issues…. at least i dont see fit to CHASE THE POOR BOYS AND SCREAM AT THEM WHILE THEY’RE TRYING TO GET IN A BUILDING OR CAR (seriously girls let the guys walk without being trampled) …and yes..i know this is supposed to be for a WEB COMIC but im too lazy and i’ve been busy with this and…another thing that isnt quite done yet (its awesome though)

posted by Kay at 3:12 pm  

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