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Saturday, May 24, 2008

why things have been so slow lately…


IM AT WORK ALL THE TIME!!! ugh its killing me… literally…. you’re beloved admin is very sick so she will hopefully be able to work on and post more comics soon…. but yeah this is what i do at the restaurant i work at… i scribble on the back of the order tickets XD love on it….

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Friday, May 9, 2008



I GOT IT SIGNED!!!! story time! sooo i went on the epic journy to the wonderful land on New York to meet up with a very awesome birthday girl (you know who you are) to get on TRL be with in INCHES away from the wonderful band known as Tokio Hotel. After being on national television. we ran to the Virgin Music store to see them perform…again…and get things singed lo and behold i handed them the shells a made them (bill thought they were cute) and handed them this to signed they thought it was cute so… THE ORIGINAL LINE UP OF ‘BERLYN MOTEL’ IS SIGNED BY THE ONE AND ONLY TOKIO HOTEL…. i’ll color it later….if im daring…. love on it…

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